Falco’s photographs provide the viewer a gothic travelogue through a transitional period of the American South.
- Richard McCabe, Curator of Photography, Ogden Museum of Southern Art.   

Exactly in the Indeterminable lies the secret of Tav Falco's photographs of the disappearing South. What they hint at - the underlying terror, absurdity and humor of the American experiment - is as important as what they portray. Falco lures the spectator, the viewer, into a kind of truth that is the enemy of the merely factual.
- Richard Pleuger, author How Movies Are Made.


An Iconography Of Chance is all about Tav Falco keeping his promise: a book about crossroad meetings, a mixture of glory and defeat, an exotic guide to the Deep South. Tav Falco is an explosive cocktail for those heading to the asylum: Proust kills Faulkner, Mozart reincarnates in Jerry Lee Lewis, Freud analyzes Robert D. Lee, the Danube meets the Mississippi. All is gone in the wind like a bunch of tumbleweed, drunk and disorderly. Tav Falco embodies the free spirit of someone who has nothing to lose. Forever on the move, forever in exile, forever lucid.
- Paulo Nozolino, author of Bone Lonely, Makulatur, and Far Cry published by Steidl.

Each picture is like an island itself, a rock in that sea of reality where it belongs. What is shown to us here has been isolated and separated, free of violence, without fanfare. Nothing happens and nothing will happen. Tav has a unique universe of his own and all that he does becomes imbued with his sensitivity. These photographs are a proof of that.
- Alberto García-Alix, a National Photography Award winner whose pictures have appeared in Vogue, the British Journal of Photography, and Vanity Fair.