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An Iconography Of Chance: 99 Photographs Of The Evanescent South

€ 60 

Signed and dedicated.

   Standard case bound edition of 400.
University Of Chicago Press distribution.
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216 pages printed in duotone process from the original negatives
on smooth art paper 9x11x5/8 inches. 

Tav Falco guides us through the hometowns, gravel roads, and the backwoods spiritual sanctuary that he knows so well. This is a psycho-iconography of the gothic South in pictures with captioned intertext of the urban specters, rural fables and visual clichés that have made the American south a netherworld of dreams and a necropolis of terrors.
VOGUE 2015

Limited cloth bound edition of 30 pieces numbered, signed & dedicated by the author. Printed in duotone process from the original negatives. Cover photograph rendered in silver ink surrounded by pure gold ink inscriptions.                  

This Could Go On Forever: On The Road With Tav Falco & Panther Burns

€ 50.00 

First edition of photographs by Gina Lee, an American poet, journalist, and dancer. This is a road book where the photographer is embedded as a dancer with Tav Falco & Panther Burns, an itinerant rock & roll band adrift on three continents. The camera of Gina Lee reveals undercurrents of timeless mystery hidden within each relentless photograph.

Hardcover, 134 Pages 8.25 x 10.75 inches

Signed & dedicated. (free shipping)


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