THIS COULD GO ON FOREVER: On The Road With Tav Falco & Panther Burns

First edition of photographs by Gina Lee, an American poet, journalist, and dancer. This is a road book where the photographer is embedded as a dancer with Tav Falco & Panther Burns, an itinerant rock & roll band adrift on three continents. The camera of Gina Lee reveals undercurrents of timeless mystery hidden within each relentless photograph.

EDITION: Standard case bound hardcover.  Color & black & white photographs with author's preface.
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AN ICONOGRAPHY Of CHANCE: 99 Photographs of the Evanescent South

 American-born musician/performer, filmmaker, and photographer, Tav Falco guides us through the hometowns, gravel roads, and the backwoods spiritual sanctuary that he knows so well. This is a psycho-iconography of the gothic South in pictures with captioned intertext of the urban specters, rural fables and visual clich├ęs that have made the American south a netherworld of dreams and a necropolis of terrors.

Icons scattered by the roadside in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee evoke more than indexed/nuanced signs and meanings; they are infused with emotion and as such are living, breathing images. Whether overtly or discreetly conjured, these iconic images resonate with the undercurrent of sentiment, of betrayal, of lost causes in which Falco's pictures are soaked. The secret eye of Falco is drawn to that which was overlooked, thrown out and rejected by established norms of perception, whilst his decorticated compositional framing reveals the sadness and nakedness of America forlorn, adrift, and distracted with colliding identities.

In his hands the camera excavates an Orphic vision of the American South. Falco succeeds like no other in his stated mission to stir up the dark waters of the unconscious.

- Fall 2015 Iconography Of Chance hardcover of 400 copies.        
- Limited cloth cover numbered & signed ed. of 30 copies (sold out).